DJ Kay Slay – Cold Summer (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Kevin Gates & Rell) Review

DJ Kay Slay is a legend, that is a cold-hard fact. Slay is an OG in everything surrounding the culture. After listening to this track, I wanna know if he’ll help build my rap roster? Can the Knicks trade James Dolan for Kay Slay? He obviously knows something about chemistry. Hard out the gate.

Gotta trust your aim ’cause ain’t no trust

All my gangstas understand
 Needless to say, the drums came out hammering from that point going forward. Good thing they don’t give out “5 mics” no more because I don’t know who deserves the mic more. Seriously, this song is an all out bar fight. Slay knew he had the top shelf covered after he pulled out the dragons. Between King Kendrick, Mac Miller, Kevin Gates, and diplomat Hell Rell I don’t see how the summer can stay cold for much longer. This whole quartet brought out the burners!
 All the features sounded like stars on the track. They ran relays around the needle. The verses are golden like Michael Johnson’s track shoes in 1996. Melodic echoes harmonizing in sync on soul food make the vibrations from this tune reminiscent of rap joints from days of yore. Me being a fan of the deceased, and severely missed, Nate Dogg, I loved the energy. Once again, the highly regarded DJ reminded us why he is still a martyr.
 Slay and the four tops laid down the stone like masons. If someone told me that they were in a sarcophagus when all of them hooked up to collaborate I might actually believe that individual. This is on point.

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