Kur & PNB Rock – Not Today (Review)

Pnd Rock didn’t want the game to thaw out before the wolves needed feeding. This song was as lethally ambidextrous as a clone of Ivan Drago working lynched raw meat at a butcher shop. Taking the wolves to church so the beasts can waft the Jewish incense burners. Jabbing hard with the cuffs! Changing up the guards with every bar spewed.

Niggas always tryna copy yeah
Niggas tryna steal the sauce
You don’t want these problems, nah
You don’t wanna get involved
Came up from the bottom, yeah
I get it with my dawgs
Came up from the bottom, yeah
I did it with my dawgs

Easing up on the mist as the wind chimes charge up the penetration inflicted. PnB Rock rose up like the orchestra pitch when the conductor gets arthritis in his arm from an ill fitting coat. Kur was on point in every decibel. Giving credit to SP Killa and Nelly Nel l for threading the sequence seamlessly. Coming together collectively to stir the pot up. The faction really aligned all the juices for the potion. That is how you set it off!

Definitely one of my favorite tracks that were dropped this month. Good stuff, really good stuff! The song is wicked. Right on the dead presidents!

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