Love is Rage 2 (review)

I am a hip-hop purist and a rap liberal. I just want to say as a purist and as a liberal of the culture, I love this project! You would have to be as bitter as a senile conservative senior citizen to not like this project. The album did one-hundred, twenty-six thousand in the first week. I can see why!

With the landscape of hip-hop becoming as trigger happy as Jordan release dates, this is definitely in the top tier verdict easily. I dare someone to debate me on that. Most of us have already heard XO Tour Lif3 and after you listen to this soundtrack you wouldn’t know if XO Tour Lif3 is your favorite song on the list or close to the favorite song. There are levels.

While I was listening to the fine caviar whipped up by Chef Uzi, I couldn’t help, but to change colors. The song by song is as Siamese as a Crayola A-Trak. The easy vibrations put a mood ring on the clientele like butter. If you crave variety in your syringe then say hello to your new interjection. I would be disgusted if vert added bonus tracks, the project is already a super team why add another Kevin Durant? Issa Dub.

Honestly, If Uzi is gay then I’m suspect because I love what he’s doing with the torch! Run up the score Uzi. Showcasing the roulette of his sharp vision that he already hinted on prior to the release, you would be delusional to say he didn’t deliver the goods. Love is Rage’s sequel is anything, but the second tier category.

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