PND & Jadakiss-Cartier (Review)

I’m not a big partier, but I love party next door. The guy is a musical jewel. I can’t blame the owls from holding him hostage. As far as him individually I can’t say much about him, but musically he’s a mastermind. PND was probably an understudy for Bach, Beethoven, or Handel in a past life. We could be cherishing a vamp or an immortal. A hell of a conspiracy theory, huh? Seriously though, he is going to go down as one of the greatest songwriters of our generation! The best mind in music bar none.

That’s why the feature verse from kiss alone had me gushing at first sight. In my best Katt Williams voice, “This gonna be some good shit!”. I love listening to the smoggy voice from the Lox and I also love listening to the magical potions that PND stir up in his cauldron as well. This is wicked!

Cut ’em off, like Korean barbecue scissors
I wear expensive Cartier frames, they ain’t see the vision
I could do it all by myself, no assistance
And I could do it all by myself, with no assistance

The hook alone is a testimonial to the song’s spell. Here’s an alternative fact, the frames turn your vision fifty-one, fifty. I don’t know If PND will ever reveal his true identity or come out the shadows, but as long as he’s the head chef I’m ordering. It’s almost appalling that his star gets out-shined by the others in the constellation. The truth on Earth and on every other planet is that he’s on a different planet. He never fails to remind us how nice he is and this is just a cold to remind us how sick he can be.

His mind can’t even be concealed when he’s letting off on a slow track. This is good stuff. The two brought out their katanas for this cut.

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