kyrie Irving is Baby Kobe and here’s why

I have a theory that is provocatively similar to the fashion cliche, the one that sings about styles and trends on a Ferris wheel. Sooner or later reminiscent treasures will be reincarnated. Quite frankly in my ‘weird’ millennial wording, better yet mindset, I can’t help, but to pull the ‘spirit animal’ theme out of the bag. It even seems more bizarre in this case when you consider that the time and difference is only a finger snap away from each entity in this specific scenario. Kobe retired in 2016 and Kyrie was drafted in 2011. Very much of a coincidence considering that Jordan retired again in 1999 and Kobe was drafted in 1996. Still following me? Better be because there is more!

Pause and a Sidenote, this kinda reminds me of my own personal Eartha Kitt and Rihanna conspiracy, you have to admit the correlation just bleeds Deja Vue on many levels. That’s a conversation for a different day and a different topic of discussion, I just wanted to plug that in for a moment though. Now back to sports, right? Let’s continue.

These are the TWO biggest similarities aside from Nike, Celtics & Lakers, and overall appearance. Seriously just look at them closely, Kobe could’ve legit been Kyrie’s dad! No disrespect to Kyrie’s real parents and Rod Strickland. Now that I got the jabs out of the way…in honor of Kobe’s retirement of TWO jerseys here are the TWO reasons why he should adopt Kyrie as a son just in case his wife can’t deliver on that boy he wants.


  1.  Mentality

Before we get into stats, careers, and all that, let’s pick apart their brain…shall we? Analyze Kobe then analyze Kyrie. What do you notice? It’s obvious that they’re both philosophical and mythological almost to the point where they have greek philosopher’s mindsets, which is very rare for a pro-athlete or a lot of people in general quite honestly. They have no problem questioning or challenging no theory or type of reality, they both take an interest in conspiring a lot! Going off of the last analysis, that’s what pours into their mentality and make them who they are. They refuse to accept something as is without a doing at least a little bit of experimenting which explains a lot of their standpoints and point of views. Mind games are literally fun to both of em, they take pride in dissecting anything or anyone. With that being said, that same mentality can be their best quality, but their most detrimental as well. The reason being steems from what it brings out in both of them! Shaq bumped heads with Kobe because of this and the same applies to the LeBron and Kyrie situation as well. Other alpha egos cannot co-exist with these two whatsoever! Either they have the keys to the car and if they can’t have the keys to the car they have no problem getting the keys to another car if need be. Trust and believe they have no problem jumping in your lane and leading traffic on top of that! The personalities even mirror each other to a tee! They ooze humble arrogance. The smug bravado is there. The Belittling sophisticated mannerisms jump off at you. Much like a sorry, you’re not better than me, but I’m not sorry I’m this much better than you swagger. I think its called Mamba Mentality and Kyrie have A LOT of it and its ALL-NATURAL!  Check the demeanor.

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2. Teammate relationships

When the news broke about Kyrie being traded to Boston I knew that it was going to be a match made in heaven! I told everybody he was gonna be a good leader and is going to challenge LeBron for the throne for as long as LeBron keep playing in the Eastern Conference. His first years in Cleveland was dysfunctional with a franchise with no order or no direction at all, not to mention his teammates was decent on a good night at their very absolute best! You couldn’t judge him off of that? When LeBron came, he had a mentor that steered the franchise into a productive atmosphere conducive to winning and learning how to win. As a player playing alongside LeBron James, you would have to be a different breed in order to hold your own on an individual star level playing on the same team as the king of Akron! The only other player who LeBron played alongside on that Caliber who had his own glow was Dwanye Wade, which speaks volumes. I say all that to say this, no other team would’ve been a better fit for Kyrie other than San Antonio. The structure and culture of the Celtics with their roster full of ambitious talent and submissive egos was the perfect storm for a player like Kyrie! Kyrie meshes best with players who he can bring the best out of yet still be the go-to de facto. Much, much like Kobe Bryant! Kyrie is a very similar leader to Kobe. Just look at the comparison side by side. You’ll notice similar trends that they split almost effortlessly despite the possible knit picks. Better yet, check the usage stats! The numbers even point in the exact same direction. Which plays into their style of play and approach to the game, they’re assassins, not knights. They want to have as many weapons in their arsenal as possible to afflict the most damage possible! In other words, they WOULD NOT defer to anyone else AT ALL! He leads by motivating, not focusing on distributing. So with bad and unmotivated teammates, his team’s lack of success will be reflected, not to mention criticized, off of his play and underutilized leadership. That seems very similar to the Black Mamba!

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